Sewer Camera Inspection in Grand Forks

Unless you have a septic tank or a similar waste collection system, your house is probably connected to the city sewer main. All the waste from the drains and toilets in your home is sent through a pipe—called a lateral– through which it reaches this sewer main. These laterals use gravity to carry the waste and water away, often providing many years of uninterrupted service. But when something goes wrong the water can start to slow down or stop, and finding the cause is not so easy. Even though you might think that your toilet clog isn’t a big deal and that a plunger can take care of it, many times the blockage is located deep inside the pipes, and no matter how much you plunge, you will never be able to remove it.

The laterals used in a home pipe system are buried underground and pass beneath the property’s lawn, driveway, and pavement. Inspecting them to locate the source of a problem used to require digging them out, which can be an expensive and messy task. This is why sewer video cameras are now one of the most important tools in an installer’s arsenal. Long gone are those days where finding the location of a clog or a leak meant having to tear up the landscape to uncover the pipes. Today, we can do this by inserting a waterproof video camera into them through a sewer cleanout or a drain.

This is how it is done: first, we send the camera into the sewer laterals. It has a built-in flashlight that helps us see in detail everything that is happening inside the sewer. The camera is remotely operated by our technician, and as he makes the camera move further into the pipes, he watches a live video feed that is sent to a monitor.

A sewer line in good condition should allow the camera to travel until it reaches the city sewer main. If there is an obstruction in its way, the location is recorded so it can be removed. This inspection also shows us the condition of the pipe’s walls. Cracks, holes, separated lateral joints, bellied pipe sections, and root intrusion are just some examples of what we can detect with the help of this fantastic tool.

A sewer inspection eliminates any guesswork and provides an accurate diagnosis of the source and location of any problem. Once we know exactly what is wrong, it is much easier to fix it. You will receive a copy of this inspection on a DVD, and a free estimate will be provided before the work is started.  

Sewer video cameras are high-tech, sophisticated equipment, and they require skill to be used properly. That is why not every installer offers this service and will instead use the old-fashioned way of guesstimating what your sewer problem is. Don’t waste your time with methods that will end up costing you more time and money and take advantage of this modern technology. The next time you need a sewer camera inspection in Grand Forks, North Dakota, contact us and schedule an appointment. Our professionals will locate the problem in your underground infrastructure and explain to you the best options available to repair it with minimal disruption of your daily activities.

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