Trenchless Pipe Lining in Mankato

Underneath your house, there is a system of pipes that carries water into toilets, showers, and sinks and send the waste out into the sewer main. After constant use, these pipes can become clogged, cracked, and damaged. Even tree roots are a threat to them since they can enter the pipes and grow inside, creating all kinds of problems.

Repairing a damaged pipe used to be done the traditional way: by digging them out using an excavated trench. However, new pipe repair technology allows our trained professionals to use a trenchless approach. Let’s take a quick look at each method so you can understand why trenchless pipe lining is usually the best one.

Open Cut Trench Excavations

Open cut trenches involve digging into your property to expose the existing sewer pipes so they can be repaired. If the trench is excavated in a non-paved area, such as a garden, it can be backfilled with soil and then covered with new lawn or plants. However, the sewer line in your home has to reach the city sewer main, so it sometimes has to pass under sidewalks or driveways. To access the pipes, any existing concrete or asphalt must be saw cut and removed. This is a labor-intensive job which will fill the area with dust and noise, not to mention added costs. It also requires the concrete or tarmac that is removed to be replaced, adding even more to the repair budget.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Since excavating is a messy and costly job, trenchless pipe lining is preferred by many homeowners. It requires hardly any digging.  To find out if pipe lining is a possible solution to your problem, the first step is to do a video inspection. Using a small video camera, the technician will diagnose the pipes, taking note of any cracks, holes, and damaged sections. If they determine that a lining repair can be done, the next step is to clean the pipes. Using high-pressure hoses, any sludge and debris are flushed away. After cleaning the pipes, the lining process can begin. A felt tube is saturated with resin and inverted or pulled into the damaged sewer line. Once it reaches the spot that needs to be repaired, an exothermic reaction hardens this resin and turns it into a solid tube that forms a jointless, corrosion-resistant replacement pipe section that will last for 50 years.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining


Instead of having to spend several days digging and removing soil to reach the pipes, they can be accessed immediately by using one small entry hole.  The lining process can be completed in a few hours, and your plumbing system will typically be working in less than a day.


Those extra days it takes to dig out the pipes are not free. As each day passes, you get billed for that work, and costs can quickly add up. Covering the pipes again and repairing any damage to the lawn or pavement will also represent additional expenses.


It doesn’t matter if your current pipes are made of clay, cast-iron, or PVC, or what their diameter is; pipe lining can be done on any of them to seal leaks and reinforce damaged sections.

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“6 months ago we discovered a significant leak in our main drain for our swimming pool. We were losing over 2,000 gallons of water a day. Drain pipe replacement would have caused a nearly complete new pool but Drain Services pipe liner system allowed a repair with no excavation or digging at a significant savings in both time and money. Kevin planned on a one week repair time and that is the only down time that we had…no concrete curing and then paint curing. Our pool was back in action after a week instead of the potential 35 to 40 days required for any other repair option. If you have a pipe leak in any size pipe over 2 inches, I would give them a call. The repair is guaranteed for a lifetime and the first six months are so far good.”

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