Trenchless Pipe Lining in Grand Forks

The consequences of a wastewater or sewage spill can be very overwhelming. Your entire property can become polluted and risk spreading diseases and illnesses. This was the case in some homes in Grand Forks, North Dakota a few months ago. Wastewater spills from North Dakota oil production have led to widespread water and soil contamination. You don’t want this to happen to you, so it is vital to carry out necessary repairs to your sewer line and drain pipes the moment you notice they are damaged.

Why Use Trenchless Pipe Lining

Today, there is a more advanced and innovative way of repairing damaged sewer pipes. Unlike the traditional sewer repair method, trenchless pipe lining has made it possible to repair faulty drain pipes and sewer line without digging.

Trenchless pipe lining allows sewer and drain pipes to be lined with high quality, durable polyethylene materials. The entire process only takes a few days to be completed. Since there is no trench digging involved, you save on employing labor. Trenchless pipe lining also offers further savings because you will not need to purchase new pipes.

In addition, trenchless pipe lining uses seamless technology which helps in improving the performance of the pipe system. The flow capacity of sewer line and rain pipes will also increase by using pipe liners. Trenchless Pipe Lining provides homeowners and residents in Grand Forks, North Dakota a wonderful, less expensive, and hassle-free way of repairing the damaged, corroded, or leaking drain and sewer pipes in their homes.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Service in Grand Forks North Dakota

For your drains pipes and sewer line repairs, if you are looking for a dependable company that offers trenchless pipe lining services, you can always count on Drain Services Inc. to get it done. For several years now, we have been providing exceptional trenchless pipe lining services for commercial and residential clients across Grand Forks, North Dakota and the surrounding areas. All of our services are carried out with a high level of professionalism.

At Drain Services Inc., we work with a team of well trained and highly skilled sewer pipe lining professionals that have been trained on how to deliver outstanding trenchless pipe lining services. Our trenchless pipe lining services are guaranteed to save you from the stress and expense that comes with sewer line repair or replacement.

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Are your sewer and drain pipes broken? Trenchless pipe lining is the best way to deal with sewer pipe leak issues in your Grand Forks, North Dakota home or office. Contact us today at Drain Services Inc. to get your pipes lined.

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“6 months ago we discovered a significant leak in our main drain for our swimming pool. We were losing over 2,000 gallons of water a day. Drain pipe replacement would have caused a nearly complete new pool but Drain Services pipe liner system allowed a repair with no excavation or digging at a significant savings in both time and money. Kevin planned on a one week repair time and that is the only down time that we had…no concrete curing and then paint curing. Our pool was back in action after a week instead of the potential 35 to 40 days required for any other repair option. If you have a pipe leak in any size pipe over 2 inches, I would give them a call. The repair is guaranteed for a lifetime and the first six months are so far good.”

Breezy Shores Resort

“Kevin really helped us when we had sewage backing up into our basement. He took care of us every step of the way and got everything fixed. We are truly grateful.”

Anna B.

“I called Kevin and described my situation and he had a camera underground with a diagnosis and a series of options with prices in under 2 hours! Along the way, we discussed some other problems and future plans with my wash room, a laundry sink and floor drains which were all added with almost no extra cost to the original quote! Very prompt, professional service!”

Adam C.

“Kevin’s knowledge, experience, and integrity saved me thousands of dollars!! He is a true professional, whether residential or commercial he will get the job done properly and affordably. Kevin utilizes innovative technology and presents creative ideas to solve complex plumbing issues.”

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